Annual meeting 1999




The first meeting of the EU-Japan Business Round Table included speeches by:

  • Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission
  • Pascal Lamy, Member of the Commission, his speech was entitled The EU and Japan: Partners in a Globalised World.


The EU-Japan Business Round Table was officially formed in 1999 (as the "EU-Japan Business Dialogue Round Table, or "BDRT"), following the merger of the EU-Japan Industrialists' Round Table (established on 01/06/1996) and the EU-Japan Business Forum.

A European Commission Press Release of 06/10/1999 announced 'EU-Japan relations: Commissioners Prodi, Liikanen and Lamy will attend the first "EU-Japan Business Dialogue Roundtable"'. French and German versions of the 06/10/1999 release were also issued.The first BRT meeting was also referred to in a European Commission press release issued on 11/01/2000 and the "reinvigoration of the EU-Japan business dialogue" was mentioned in a press release of 21/04/1999.