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EU-Japan Business Round Table

20th BRT Annual Meeting – Tokyo, 20 April 2018

"EU and Japan – Champions of Global Free Trade"

The EU-Japan Business Round Table's 2018 annual meeting took place in Tokyo on 20 April. Additional information and documents from the meeting can be found on the event webpage. Topics selected for detailed discussion include:

  1. The EU-Japan EPA - Model for the 21st Century's Economic Order based on Free and Fair Rules
  2. Digital and Data Economy, Cybersecurity, Blockchain - Reinventing Economic Foundations
  3. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - Pathways for Fostering the EU-Japan Relationship
  4. Regulatory Cooperation and Interoperability - Views and Expectations of Industry


 For information relating to previous BRT meetings, please see the annual meeting archive.


EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

At its 2017 annual meeting, the BRT welcomed news that the EU and Japan had reached an "agreement in principle" for an "Economic Partnership Agreement". Prior to this announcement, other names had been used including 'free trade agreement and 'economic integration agreement'. For more information on the EPA and on the BRT's position please see the "EPA" page.



The EU-Japan Business Round Table (BRT) was established in its current form in 1999 to foster communication between the Japanese and European industries. Its co-Chairmen are Eric Schulz (Chief Commercial Officer, Airbus) and Kazuo Tsukuda (Senior Executive Adviser, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.).

Its 50 members are senior executives from leading European and Japanese companies and organisations that represent a significant part of the EU and Japanese industry and cover a broad range of sectors of activity. As of November 2016, three quarters of the BRT member companies (or their corporate groups) were publicly listed, with 9 being ranked among the world's 100 biggest public companies (36 are in the top 2,000). At the time, the total net market value of these individual BRT member companies or their corporate groups was almost USD $1.4 trillion.

The BRT's main objectives are to submit recommendations to the Japanese and European Authorities so as to help develop trade and investment between the EU and Japan, and to encourage industrial cooperation in fields of common interest such as innovation, climate change, or industrial standards.

For more information about the activities of the BRT, please see the "About the BRT" page.

Should you have any questions, please contact the BRT Secretariat.

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