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The 24th BRT Annual Meeting : The EU & Japan - Going Digital, Going Green

Tokyo - 15 November 2022 - The 24th annual meeting of the EU-Japan Business Round Table brings together businessleaders and representatives of the Authorities of the EU and Japan to discuss issues of common interest. It was co-chaired by Philippe Wahl (La Poste Groupe) and Masaki Sakuyama (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation).

BRT co-Chairs, Philippe Wahl and Masaki Sakuyama    Authority participants    BRT 2022

Issues covered included:

  • Green Alliance - paths to carbon neutrality; energy transition; biodiversity; bioeconomy; circular economy; EU-Japan EPA and Green Issues
  • Digital Partnership - digital transformation; Japan-EU Digital Partnership; enabling SME growth through digital transformation; EU-Japan EPA and Digital Issues
  • Frontiers - resilient economies, societies, cities & social infrastructure; regulatory cooperation & cooperation third country markets; eductaion & equality; economic & geopolitical risk management; WTO, EU-Japan EPA and Other Trade Issues

The meeting also adopted the BRT's 2022 Joint Recommendations and set of Recommendations by its four Working Parties. Additional details about the meeting can be found on the dedicated 2022 annual meeting webpage.

BRT 2022 main table participants in Tokyo



What is the BRT? A 2-minute introductory video

video icon This 2-minute video will introduce you to the BRT - its role, members, goals, working methods and links with the EU and Japanese Authorities.

BRT video

This video includes archive footage from the BRT's first 24 years. More photos and videos can be found in the BRT annual meeting archive.





The EU-Japan Business Round Table (BRT) was established in its current form in 1999 to foster communication between Japanese and European industries. Its co-Chairmen are Philippe Wahl (Chairman and CEO, La Poste Groupe) and Nobuhiro Endo (Executive Advisor, NEC Corporation). Its 84 members are senior executives from leading European and Japanese companies and organisations that represent a significant part of the EU and Japanese industry and cover a broad range of sectors of activity and 16 SMEs.

The BRT's main objectives are to submit recommendations to the Japanese and European Authorities so as to help develop trade and investment between the EU and Japan, and to encourage industrial cooperation in fields of common interest such as innovation, climate change, or industrial standards.

Use these links for a detailed introduction to the BRT, its work and members; to access the annual meeting archive; for archived news reports and articles about the BRT or to contact the BRT Secretariat at the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.

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